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Intel Community T-Shirt Contest

I know you Weebs can draw. Let's see how well.

NEW CONTEST! Design a new T-shirt / hoodie / sticker for the Intelligence community. I want you intel guys to come up with something you would wear. All intel guys seem to like Anime, so I'm sure there are a few artists out there.

Here are the rules:

#1. It needs to be non-branch specific, so the Army Dagger/Navy magnifying glass are out. Be creative.

#2. It must contain the text: "This is what we call a clue" (I know we call it an indicator, but it's funny).

#3. Keep it tasteful and no swearing, excessive skin or copyrighted characters.

#3. Submissions must be sent to my email address, which you can find on

#4. Submission deadline is ends June 1st at 11:59PM / or 2359 hours.

#5. Design must be able to be printed on a shirt, hoodie and sticker.

#6. Design must be original art. Obvious AI generations will not be accepted.

#7. Winner will either be announced by me on June 2nd or if I can't decide, I will go to a YouTube image poll.

#8. Design must be submitted in Photobshop extension / .PSD or .PNG

NOTE: Shirt will probably be printed on Olive, Tan and Black for shirts and Olive for hoodies. So keep that in mind when designing.

ALSO NOTE: The copyright of the design transfers to Ryan McBeth Productions LLC upon winning the contest.

Prize will be the T-shirt, hoodie or sticker you designed plus $500. I can't wait to see what you weebs come up with.

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John Patelzick
John Patelzick

Does it have to be manga/anime inspired?

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