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Don't You Wish You Could Do This In Real Life?

PIMPing or being PIMPed is the processed of being "Put In My Place." And if you don't want to read my whole essay about it, the new cartoon is here.

Still here? Awesome!

I spent most of my early career as a software engineer. Job interviews at a tech companies tended to be pretty intense. You would be asked a question, and then a follow up question... and then a follow-up question to that follow up question. What's a Singleton? When would you use it? What is the modifier on the constructor of a singleton?

Med school and residency tend to be one very long very long job interview. There is a reason for this - in medicine - especially in trauma or when you have cases waiting - you might not have the time to look up the correct answer in a book. You need to know the answer and you need to be confident in your answer. So there is definitely a reason behind why students are PIMPed, but every resident has a horror story of an attending who just drilled into them until they finally asked the resident a question they couldn't answer. Sometimes this is done fore legitimate teaching purposes, but sometimes it's just a reminder of who's boss. ​​

Today's cartoon also introduces Dr. Priya Roy - the gun toting Texan that everybody has seen on the title bar. #MyRadGirlfriend is finally hitting its stride and now that I've set up University City Hospital, I can really get into telling my stories with a full cast of characters. And Priya is a great American-born counterpoint to Ruchi's IMG experience.

My online store is finally finished and all cartoons are available as prints or mugs. Just because I look like a starving artist, doesn't mean I actually want to be one.

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