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Is C# Statically, Strongly, Weakly or Dynamically typed?

The code for this example can be found at:

Think of "Typing" as the "Nouns" of a computer programming language. Types help make sure that you don't do things that don't make

sense, like divide a string by a boolean. Strongly typed languages make sure that all types are checked at compile time. They are slower to compile but faster to run. C# is a Strongly typed language. Dynamically typed languages have their types checked at runtime. Statically typed languages don't have implicit conversions. Weakly typed languages have implicit conversions everywhere. C# is a Statically typed language. The VAR keyword in C# is typed at compile time, not at run time. So its inclusion doesn't make C# dynamic. The DYNAMIC keyword and turn off type checking at compile time in C# code, and it is mostly used for porting code from dynamic languages or allowing for the creation of new dynamic scripting languages.


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