Swindle is the story of a brilliant engineer and his effort to pay for his divorce and his son’s bar mitzvah by stealing a piece of unused software from his employer and using it to start his own business with his many lovers as employees.

Swindle started after an agent agreed to represent me for Threesome and told me to immediately begin work on a second novel to show that Threesome wasn’t a fluke.  I told her about my idea for a novel detailing my experiences in Iraq and she said: “Nobody wants to read about Iraq.  They want to read stuff like Threesome.  They want sex and crime and men behaving badly.  War is boring.”

So... there is one reason why I fired her.  But my agent was fascinated that I was dating four different women - all of whom knew about each other, and all of whom seemed to get along with each other in the hopes that they would win the final rose.  She said that people would really want to read about my life, because nobody would believe it was non-fiction.

Around that same time I had two major life events: a tree fell in my yard during a storm and crushed a neighbor's house.  Then I got the bill for my son’s bar mitzvah.  I was ready to rob somebody to pay for it all.  Then it struck me that as a computer software guy, I wouldn’t need to use any violence at all.

While I’ve never stolen anything in my life, the mental exercise provided the outline for Swindle.  The book is a work in progress.

If you are an agent and want to represent me to get Threesome or Swindle published, please contact me.