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UK Limited Nuclear War Target List

While I don’t think this is a likely scenario, a limited nuclear exchange on the following targets:

* RAF Fylingdales in North Yorkshire

* HMNB Clyde - Royal Navy

* RAF Lakenheath

* HMNB Portsmouth

* Fawley Refinery

* Stanlow refinery

* Port of Felixstowe

* Port of Immingham

* London Docklands area

* Equinix LD5: located in Slough, UK

Might create the conditions to generate a humanitarian crisis in the UK. As countries shift their forces to aid the UK, less rolling stock and material support are available to support Ukraine. This could set the conditions for a Russian victory in the Donbas region and could result in political hegemony in Easter Europe.

I also believe that a NATO retaliatory strike would be likely and Russia would not survive this gambit.

The slide deck is available here as Power Point and PDF.

UK Limited Nuclear War Target List
Download PDF • 7.98MB
UK Limited Nuclear War Target List
Download PPTX • 59.92MB

All targeting data is available here:

UK Targeting Data and Slides
Download ZIP • 61.28MB


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