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It's Been a Blast!

Dr. Andrea Sisskin has been a 2nd year resident for almost five years now. It's time for her to move on.

The #MyRadGirlfriend story is over. Don't worry. Andy's going to be okay. She'll get a radiology fellowship and end up in a good job at a private diagnostic facility.

Dr. Pryia Roy will graduate as well. She'll be torn as the Desi in her wants to vote for Kamala Harris, but the gun owner and Texan in her wants to vote for Trump.

Dr. Ruchi Subrahmanyam (Dr. S) will still be miserable and annoying to everyone who has to work with her.

Dr. Roth will still overeat and be generally helpful to the residents in his charge.

I owe a few people thanks. Thank you to my editor, Brian Casey who took a chance on something as crazy as a cartoon in a radiology trade publication.

Thank you to Selena Ward for designing the website and proofing some of the strips. Every artist needs a muse, and I couldn't ask for a better one than you.

Thank you to my accountant, Jeffrey A. Laine CPA who figured out how to monetize ideas that came out of my brain. Accountants are the real heroes.

Thank you to Dr. Ken Romm, Dr. Anna Belle, Dr. Richard Benedict, Jennifer Nauheim, Dr. Saurabh Jha, Dr. Walter Wiggins, for proofing the medical accuracy of my strips. If I forgot you, my apologies, you are appreciated.

Thank you to Abhishek Sehgal for giving me insight into Texas Desi gun-owning, Republican culture.

And of course, thank you to all of my readers, who used my strips as a passive-aggressive cruise missile when they put it up on the reading room wall.

And what happens to Ryan? Don't worry. He has a bachelors in computer science, a masters in engineering, and lives in Washington, DC where military software contracts flow out from The Pentagon like water. The AI robots that he invents will definitely eat him last.

Ryan McBeth,

Silver Spring, MD

September, 2020


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