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Donetsk City 9/19/22 Attack Crater Analysis

Based on the video evidence, and information from Army FM 6-50, along with the presence of Russian counter battery fire, I believe that the shell that hit outside of the store located at 48.010322, 37.769701 on 9/19/2022 was a 122mm shell fired from a D-30 howitzer south of Donetsk. The shell may have been fired from one of two soccer fields at 47.996783, 37.787168 or 47.998863, 37.775737. This fits the profile of a short round since the 122mm shell only has two charge settings - full and reduced. If the DPR was firing from behind Donetsk, and the minimum range of the D-30 is 1000 meters.

A PDF of the slide deck can be found here:

Post Blast Analysis Donetsk-9-19-2022
Download PDF • 10.91MB

The footage was found here, but trust me you really don't want to look at it:


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