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How Programmers Say I Won't Murder You

One of the fun parts of writing this cartoon is dealing with the social deficiencies of the characters. Ryan was in the Army, but he's still a bit of a geek. Andy is brilliant but kisses the atmosphere of Asperger's Syndrome.

It's fun to play with the personalities of two people who are obviously socially deficient in their own way. Note how Ryan does say "I'm not going to murder you" in the cartoon here.

If a guy were going to murder a girl on a date, he would totally say "I'm not going to murder you." But here, Ryan has built a software simulation where Andy's murder is one of the possible, although low probability outcomes of the encounter.

This was a simple carton to do graphically, but the writing had to be very tight and expose the personality of the characters with very little text. This cartoon was probably the most difficult time I've ever had writing dialog.

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