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The Day I Met Dr. Andy Sisskin

My Rad Girlfriend is based on a true story - or at least as true as it can be when you find a Pokemon hiding in a patient.

A cartoon about a a socially awkward single guy is a one-note joke. But take two people who are socially awkward in their own way and put them together and you're drinking from the joke firehose.

Ryan McBeth is Ryan the way that Cathy Guisewite was Cathy. I think the two characters share some DNA since both characters represent the psyche of their creators from a very specific time in their life. Cathy's world revolved around the four basic guilt groups - Food, Love, Family and Work. My Rad Girlfriend has the #girlmedtwitter universe of work, debt, fatigue and sexism.

I'm a pretty lucky guy. Not everybody gets to fall in love with the same woman twice in one lifetime, but I get to fall in love with Doctor Andy Sisskin all over again again today.

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