Ryan McBeth's Parody Contest

The US Army has a great tradition of junior enlisted parodying or imitating senior leaders.  

It usually happens when you are waiting for transportation or you are on the rifle range waiting for it to get dark enough to night fire.  Someone will say: "Hey, who's got a good imitation of the commander?"

Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not.  But it's usually pretty darn funny.

I would like you to create a YouTube Short parody of me or of me doing one of my videos.

The prize is a $100 Amazon.com electronic gift certificate and $1,000 donated to World Central Kitchen in your name.

Official Rules:

  1. Videos must be submitted my midnight, May 2nd 2022.

  2.  Videos must be "clean." No swearing.  No adult content and must follow YouTube's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines.

  3. The video must not be mean-spirited of any national, ethnic or social group.

  4. You can not enter if you live in a country that is currently under US Sanctions including, but not exclusively: North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela or where transferring the prize would be illegal.

  5. Winner is responsible for all taxes or fees associated with the prize.

  6. Those entering agree that their submitted video may be screened as a "reaction" video where Ryan McBeth watches the video and comments on the performance.

  7. To enter:

    1. Create a YouTube Short under 1 minute in length parodying or imitating Ryan McBeth.

    2. Upload the short to YouTube.

    3. Tag the video with #ryanmcbeth

    4. Inform the Ryan McBeth community of the short via Discord on the channel #parody-contest

      1. The link to the Discord channel is here: ​https://discord.gg/6AE7AMwkZ4

  8. Winner will be selected by a YouTube Poll of Ryan McBeth Programming subscribers after all entries are reviewed.​

  9. The winner must have a Discord account and email address to claim their prize. 

  10. This should be done in the spirit of a roast and good-natured ribbing.  Don't be mean.

Good luck!