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NLAW Protractor

I think there is a simple way to estimate the range to targets before engaging with an NLAW.

* If the NLAW arming range is 20 meters

* And the average height between building stories is 3.3 meters

* And the average height of a man is 1.7 meters.

* And the average height of a T-72 is 2.23 meters

* And we know what floor we are firing from.

Then we can calculate the safe arming distance with a device that uses a weight to determine angle.

If you live in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania or Moldavia and you have access to a 3D printer, contact me and perhaps we can all collaborate over Discord create a 3D printed device that can help NLAW gunners in Ukraine determine distance to a target in an urban environment.

And also contact me if you are an architect and know the exact height between floors of buildings in Ukraine.

Email me at ryan(at) to collaborate. 

The device

IMG_4214 (1).jpg

The Math

Image (2).jpg
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