I Deployed Four Times With My National Guard Unit.

One of my deployments was to Iraq where I spent some time running convoys up and down Route Irish into Baghdad.


War spurred me to write my first story - Debriding Iraq.  One day I'm going to write about my convoy experiences, but I'm not quite ready for that yet.  Right now I'm just a cartoonist and I consider myself lucky that I can make your day better by giving you a few laughs.


My long-form comic, A Healer At Heart, gives you a little background on the cartoon Ryan from #MyRadGirlfriend and his experiences as an infantryman in Iraq during the initial invasion.


This particular comic is not necessarily affiliated with or supported by auntminnie.com .  It's my own sort of fan fiction and my way of dealing with my experiences while deployed in the military.

© 2016 by Ryan McBeth
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