Soldiers deployed to Iraq fell into two basic catagories.  Either you lived on a FOB - Forward Operating Base - in relative safety and comfort, or you left the wire on missions.  Soldiers who stayed on the FOB were called “Fobbits.”   They were held in great contempt by soldiers who actually left the FOB to fight.  

Debriding Iraq is the story of a National Guard soldier who left the FOB on a previous deployment as an infantryman, but volunteered for a rotation with a signal unit when he lost his civillian job.  He knows he’s safe, but he just can’t let go of his previous experiences.  This puts him on a colision course with everybody who cares about him.

War is hell, but war can also be really funny.  If you want a realistic novel about war, read Anthony Swafford’s impecable Jarhead.  Real soldiers are a lot like the Marines in that book.  They curse, masturbate, invent stupid ways to amuse themselves and they wait for hours… days… weeks for someone to get their shit together.  Debriding Iraq captures the humor of a Fobbit’s every day life as well as the journy of a man who can’t let go of the world outside the wire.

Debriding Iraq